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To whom it may concern:

In reviewing my credit report, I realized there are several inaccurate listings. These accounts are incorrect and several are outdated. The following accounts need to be investigated immediately to reflect my true credit history:

Acct: [-xxxx-xxx:]

This account is listed as being 90 days late. I have never been late on this account.

Acct: [-xxxx-xxx:]

This account is listed as being 60 days late. This account does not belong to me.

Acct: [-xxxx-xxx:]

This account is listed as being 60 days late. The creditor lost my check and agreed to correct the late notation. (Enclosed is a copy of their letter stating such).

Additionally, you are reporting several other accounts as delinquent that are past the seven-year reporting time as allowed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The following accounts should be deleted immediately:

Acct: [-xxx:] over seven years old

Acct: [-xxx:] over eight years old

Acct: [-xxx:] over seven years and four months old

Please forward an updated copy to me at your earliest convenience with the above noted corrections. My current address is listed above.


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